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Exciting Plan For Island Bus Services

Exciting Plan For Island Bus Services
Russell and Macleay Islands may soon have a domestic bus service.

President of the Bay Island Chamber of Commerce, Ian Goddard, and Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards are working towards having services introduced as soon as possible.
Ian Goddard believes bus services on both islands are a natural extension of the Translink operation that now exists for island passenger ferry services.

"Translink being involved with our passenger ferries has transformed travel to our islands, and I believe bus services on the islands will further compliment our situation," he says.
He believes discussions involving Transit Systems Australia, Member for Redlands Peter Dowling and Cr Edwards could bring about a future bus service for the islands.

"A submission was put forward some time ago for a bus service, but went nowhere at the time.

"The Translink factor now is a game changer, and I believe the submission for island bus services should be resubmitted with some confidence," the chamber president said.
So much so, that Ian Goddard and Cr Mark Edwards have already had bus stops designed that will compliment our island lifestyle.
"The original concept came about because of a need for bus shelters for school children on our islands, but their use for all modes of bus transport is a natural extension." says Ian Goddard.

Cr Edwards says he agrees with Ian Goddard: "I think a small bus service on our two biggest islands is essential.

"The coming of Translink into our passenger ferry service will bring more visitors and there are locals who could make great use of a domestic bus service that fits in with the arrival and departure of island ferries," the councillor said.

"It would be beneficial that an bus service was included in the GoCard network, for obvious reasons," the councillor said.
However, if it is not possible to involve Translink or Transit Systems, private operators could be approached.

"I think a regular bus service would be embraced by islanders.

"It would also go a long way to solving the island parking problems in the vicinity of the jetties, with many opting to leave their motor vehicles at home.

"Many who drive and park their cars at the ferries would be attracted to a regular bus service that moulded with the ferry timetable," he added.

Ian Goddard and Cr Edwards will be meeting with Transit Systems Australia and Peter Dowling in the coming days, with a positive outcome the objective.

Local building firm KCW Constructions has already come up with a unique island design for the bus shelters that would be required to be placed at strategic route points on both islands.

An extensive survey may soon be conducted to gather community support for such a bus service on both Macleay and Russell Islands.
An initial survey is located on The Friendly Bay Islander Facebook page.

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