Darren Ashenden - Nov 16, 2013 18:59

Lifestyle Properties on the Move…

After a very flat year to date selling mostly bottom end of market budget properties it looks like the trend is starting to shift and with good reason, the best bargains are in the lifestyle sector.

The lifestyle sector on Russell Island consists of waterfront, water view and larger properties. In the past month we have seen more sales in this market than we have all year it seems. Waterfront properties have been purchased for as low as $320,000 wow… These are prices from 10 years ago and I doubt they will be repeated again once our market recovers fully. I don’t know of anywhere else in the world where you can buy affordable coastal property within an hour of two major cities, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Imagine owning a beautifully positioned water view home from as low as $225,000 and prime water view land for only $49,000, I dare you to find better deals anywhere. Obviously we still have lots of budget property available with houses from $150,000 and land from as little as $18,000. As the number of sales increase the prices will start to sneak up and as all astute investors know you make your money when you buy not when you sell.

We are in the best buyer’s climate I have seen since pre 2000, this is evidenced in most real estate sectors throughout Australia and Russell Island is no different. Yes we are a remote market and generally on the end of any market increases but this is good news for the buyer as we still have bargains on offer. How long they last is anybody’s guess so don’t chance it get in a grab your slice of paradise today.