The Friendly Bay Islander - Dec 18, 2013 05:48

Peter Kelly . .Driving the Weinam/Toondah PDA's

Peter Kelly at his desk
Peter Kelly has a new, interesting job. He has been recently appointed by the Redland City Council to be the project director for the council's Priority Development Areas. The Redlands was fortunate to be nominated for two of the x3 PDA's in Queensland by the Queensland State Government.

Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek are the two Redlands PDA's, with the Commonwealth Games site on the Gold Coast the third PDA.

It is Weinam Creek that most interests the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and it is Peter Kelly's task to assist in establishing the framework for the planning scheme for both projects.

Currently he is finalising the vision for the scheme. And this follows recent workshops held and consultation with leading urban designers, environmental planners and community leaders.
The planning process being developed by Peter Kelly involves:
• Vision for the Scheme
• A structural plan for roads and infrastructure
• Implementation Strategy

The first hurdle to be overcome was late last month when the vision for the scheme was submitted to Economic Development Queensland, the Government authority that oversees the PDA's.

The Weinam Creek PDA is seen as a 'Golden Opportunity' that is limited only by imagination.

The architects of the PDA plan see it offering employment, lifestyle and a destination, allowing for hard and soft infrastructure.
"I believe it will redefine the Redlands," Member for Redlands Peter Dowling told The Friendly Bay Islander in an exclusive interview.

He thinks the project will reshape access to Moreton Bay and will be a catalyst for Southern Moreton Bay Island tourism.

He says the project will need to provide a cohesive passenger transit, a residential precinct, areas for water police and coast guard, a vibrant tourism destination and departure point, and a strong 'anchor tenant' as a high order focal point.

Desirably, it will also contain foreshore recreation, community open space, community facilities, network footpaths and cycle friendly pathways, as well as being a safe and secure family precinct.

Specific content will not come until developers and investors come on board, but these negotiations are likely to contain such things as a world class marina, tourism accommodation, quality luxury apartments and commercial and retail considerations.

It is hoped the PDA will be formulated early in the New Year; but already links with investors and developers are being established.
"I am determined for Weinam Creek to become a reality sooner than later," Peter Dowling said.