The Friendly Bay Islander - Dec 18, 2013 05:58

Russell Island Community Garden

Russell Island Community Garden Group Frank and Tina Stabile, John and Brenda Goddard and Georgette Elmer in the lovely garden setting.
The Russell Island Community Garden is going from strength to strength following the injection of some added recent enthusiasm.

With Brenda Goddard and her husband John providing some considerable input, along with a cluster of keen members, the community garden is flourishing.

Located in one of the most picturesque spots on Russell Island, the garden is a feature at Kennedy Farm.

With the help from Redland City Council, the community garden in recent times has almost doubled in size.

There are about 20 really keen members and their input has seen the garden flourish, producing a huge array of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

The productive garden is aided by the excellent red soils that help encourage strong growth and great product.

"Everyone is quite enthusiastic at the moment," says co-ordinator Brenda Goddard.
The group have in place a great method for strong growth, care and maintenance of the facility.

"We don't just plant seeds and plants.
"We have a system for mulching and composting, along with a very successful worm farm," Brenda Goddard says.

You name it, and they probably grow it at the Russell Island Community Garden.
Tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkin, beans, corn are among the staples.

There are some exotic vegetables too, and recently the group have started planting fruit trees, to go with the water melon and strawberries that are growing profusely.

Anyone can be a member of the Community Garden and grow fresh produce for your home table.
For further information, please contact Brenda on 34092814 Mobile 0488949486

For those on Macleay Island, there is also a community garden on Macleay Island adjacent to the men's shed.