The Friendly Bay Islander - Dec 18, 2013 06:06

Chamber Moves For Official Name Change For Russell Island

Chamber Moves For Official Name Change For Russell Island
The Bay Island Chamber of Commerce has unanimously supported an 'official' motion that could bring about a name change for Russell Island.

The chamber has made the move 'official' following recent surveys by The Friendly Bay Islander and comments from readers.

The chamber will now formally request the Redland City Council to start the name change process.

Redland City Council Division 5 representative, Cr Mark Edwards, said recently: "No island stands more in the public spotlight than Russell Island and I believe that legacy continues to hamper not only the advancement of Russell Island but the whole of SMBI which has been tarnished by past actions of developers.

"The question in my mind, and many others, is should we change the name of Russell Island to the original name of Canaipa, the aboriginal name?

"Not only would this respect the past but it would also place a line under the past association.

"This would not be a panacea for the “divide” but may be one of many steps to move the islands ahead," he said.

The councillor says he has researched the procedure for name change, but could not act 'officially' unless an official 'request' was put to council from a community organisation.

That organisation is the Bay Island Chamber of Commerce following its November meeting.

Chamber president, Ian Goddard, said it was clear to the chamber that the majority of islanders were in favour of a name change.
"Certainly the members of the chamber voted unanimously for a change with the proposition to be put to the Redland City Council to now pursue."

Cr Edwards said that he would seek the support of both State and Federal representatives for the name change from Russell to Canaipa Island.
The councillor said he could not put a 'time line' on the process because a number of requirements need to be fulfilled, not the least of which is community consultation.

It is believed that a submission to have a community name change in Queensland cannot go to the Minister unless approved by council.
Queensland follows strict place naming guidelines and processes. Place naming is primarily the responsibility of the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, which administers the Place Names Act 1994.