Steve Morgan - Dec 04, 2014 06:19

Sandy Beach Sailing and Kayak Club

Sandy Beach Sailing and Kayak Club
Russell Island has now a sailing and kayak club. ​The first event to introduce ​the community to the club was an open day Regatta. ​A great attendance and a truly great day, with over 100 new members​.

There were many winners on the day, however the highlights were the attitude of a small but committed number of runners and bikers that headed off in the heat of the day at 10.a.m. on the trip from the Northern jetty on Russell Island to Sandy beach on the Southern end, a 9 kilometer slug in near 40 degree heat.

There were plenty of keen sailors and paddlers that enjoyed the waters of Moreton Bay. The local rural fire brigade and the SES helped cool things off and got a stranded vehicle out of trouble on the beach. Plenty of happy people and all looking forward to what the newest club here on the Bay Islands can offer.

A special thanks to the organizing committee of Bob and Janelle Turner, Steve and Jenna Morgan, and the many others involved in the launch of what seems to be a group that will benefit the community and especially the children with skills and activities to fit with the Island​ ​lifestyle​.