Steve Morgan - Mar 03, 2015 09:01

SMBI Food Production Future

SMBI Food Production Future
A Project Support grant was received from the Redland City Council to investigate the feasibility of returning some farming business to the islands in the form of small scale commercial market gardens. Consultants employed with the grant are from the group The project has conducted a number of public meetings on Macleay and Russell Islands as well as liaised with a number of island groups and keeps everyone informed by way of an email list of interested persons and government officials (local, state and federal).

The most recent residents workshop was completed and the following are the consultants summary:- SMBI Local Food System What foods are being grown now or could be produced and sold profitably and sustainably - 32 veges, 13 fruit, 4 berries, 8 herbs plus eggs, honey, aquaculture and hydroponics were amongst many possibilities identified. There are many backyard growers. A few are prepared to expand for commercial purposes if they had more land and labour. Education is sought across a variety of fields for all growers.

r SMBI land tenure situation offers a unique opportunity to capitalise on a mixed residential/rural land use. This project will maintain the unique attraction of our islands for existing and future residents, create a positive shift in demography for our community and allow some vacant land owners a chance to invigorate their property uses. Join the conversation by going to Contact: SMS Dave on 0414 383047