Redland City Council - Sep 20, 2012 23:51

No Smoking At Ferry Waiting Areas

Redland City Council is reminding residents that it is now illegal to smoke at public ferry terminals and transport waiting points.

Following changes to the Tobacco Act 2008, Council decided to ban smoking in controlled areas as part of Redland City Local Law 14 (Jetties, Ramps and Ferries) in late 2011.

Redland City Council Mayor Cr Karen Williams said Council was installing signage in affected areas so people knew their responsibilities.

“New signage will clearly show the no smoking areas at our public ferry terminals and transport waiting points,” Cr Williams said.

“The detrimental health effects of smoking are well documented, and while not wanting to limit individual freedom, it is important we act in the wider public interest.

“These are busy areas, with many people gathering and passing through that could be affected by cigarette smoke.

“We have received many complaints from the public about smoking at ferry waiting points and jetties, so Council officers will continue to educate people on the no smoking areas and enforce local laws where necessary.”

Signage installation will begin Tuesday 24 September 2012.

Council officers will regularly patrol the City’s ferry terminals. People found smoking within the no smoking areas may be issued a $200 on-the-spot fine.