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Darren Ashenden

Hi there, thanks for checking me out.
My name is Darren Ashenden and I am a Professional Property Consultant & Licenced Real Estate Agent servicing Russell Island and Lamb Island in the beautiful Southern Moreton Bay, Queensland Australia.

I am not your typical real estate agent and constantly get comments along the lines of “Darren you’re not like any agent we’ve ever met”. I am fortunate enough to have a number of skill sets in which I have been recognised and, I feel, give me an edge over my competitors. I have worked successfully in the engineering and construction trades as well as corporate Information Technology and various Personal Training situations (staff and fitness).

Unlike most real estate agents I seem to be severely lacking in professional ego and would prefer to have a bit of fun with my clients and can be known for showing up to appointments on my Harley. I will even give a real estate tour on my Harley for those who are comfortable with motorcycles. Don’t get me wrong I am a professional and renowned for my property knowledge, integrity, honesty and being absolutely thorough with processes and paper work. I do not measure my success by how much commission I make, I measure my success by repeat and/or referral clients which consists of approximately 80% of my business.

I not only list and sell property I also provide professional consultation services to both seller and buyer. If you are researching to sell or buy anywhere in QLD I can assist with full market analysis, marketing strategies, negotiation strategies, property research, independent real estate advice, understanding the processes of real estate transactions, etc. I am professionally trained in a number of fields and can relate across a very broad spectrum of individuals and their needs. Client satisfaction is my motivation and my personal mission is to raise the stakes and set a new standard for real estate service on the islands.

I have lived on Russell Island since 2001 and have been servicing the real estate industry since 2007. I have won awards for major brand names and was leading agent through 2010 – 2012 when the market was at its worst, anybody can do a good job in good times but it takes character and commitment to do it in bad times. I am just a normal family man who enjoys the reputation of preferred agent and am very grateful for this. If you are looking to buy or sell on Russell or Lamb Island be sure to have a chat with me.